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Oak Tree Storage Online Backup and Restore Services makes data recovery simple yet highly secure. You can restore an accidentally deleted or corrupted file, a day’s database transactions, a complete folder or an entire corrupt database – whenever – and wherever – you need it. Oak Tree utilizes the most secure methods available today – used by banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies – even governments – to encrypt and protect your information. Your data is as safe and secure – and available to you to download and restore to your computers – as that of a bank or insurance company (possibly safer).

The client software (Oak Tree Online Backup Manager) provides a very user-friendly interface with simple instructions on restoration for most files that you back up. It lists all your files and their version updates, and permits you to select any given version – including the latest version – of any file(s) you wish to restore. Other than running a simple script depending on which database(s) you use, database restoration is just as simple: download the database backup files to their original locations just as you would any other files, connect to the database, run mount and reapply all transactions from the archived logs. Then open the database and you’re back in business. It’s that simple. Control files, data files and archived logs, along with their full path information, are all contained in the backup, and are replaced accurately and properly. While some minor variations exist in the process depending on the database you use and are clearly spelled out in the User Manual, the overall process is the same.

The downloading function for restorations operates with the same safety, security and integrity as the uploading function for backups. 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet security, and the same encryption you used to backup your data – still in its encrypted form – combine to provide the same level of security for your data; the CRC error-checking during transmission ensures the accuracy of the data, re-transmitting any block(s) of data found to be erroneous in transmission; and utilizing the download speeds of your connection ensures the fastest (generally much faster than upload) speeds to recover your data.

Feel free to contact Oak Tree at with any questions you may have concerning the restore functions of Oak Tree Storage Online Backup and Restore Services.