30-Day Free Trial


There is an initial setup charge of $199.99 after which billing commences on a monthly basis.

The monthly charge is based on which plan is chosen. The plans and their associated charges are listed below:

Plan Storage     Price
Basic Plan1 - 5 GB    $29.95
Advanced Plan6 - 15 GB    $39.95
Professional Plan16 - 30 GB    $59.95
Premium Plan31 - 50 GB    $99.95
Enhanced Plan50 - 5000 GB    $99.95 + $1 Per GB over 50 GB's

Full Microsoft Exchange Server backups/restores are included with all subscription plans. Oak Tree offers the additional capability of backing up and restoring individual mailboxes and individual emails (e.g., accidentally deleted individual emails) for $5.00 per mailbox per month. This option is recommended only for offices with a relatively large number of mailboxes.