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Oak Tree Storage Online Backup Software is the best way to ensure that you have all of your business data – current to the day – off-site at any given time; and that it’s truly secure. Your Encryption Key is ALWAYS required to access your backup data, so it’s content is safe from the outside world – including Oak Tree.

Oak Tree Storage Online Backup Software compresses, encrypts and sends your backups over the Internet – to our online backup servers – safely offsite. It does this generally at night while computers typically are not used, but can also be done on-demand, at any time you deem it necessary.

It is completely automatic. In fact, people generally forget it’s working except for their daily notification emails.

Once configured, Oak Tree Storage Online Backups are done regularly, consistently on schedule, with no required intervention. Yet you still retain the option of additional backups as needed.

Oak Tree Storage Online Backup Software ensures that your correct files are backed up. Most backup software is installed with a default list of specific files, file types or file extensions (i.e., *.doc, *.xls, etc.) to be backed up, which some users customize. This method could omit less obvious critical files on your system. It also can fail to back up newer files that get added later. Lacking a proper (“Best Practices”) backup strategy, most small businesses don’t remember, or even know how, to reset their backup software to regularly include new files, folders and/or databases. Oak Tree Storage Online Backup Software solves this problem by reevaluating your specified computer system’s storage drives every time it runs, adding filenames – even folders (when appropriate)- to the automatic backup set as needed.

Backups are immediately and automatically compressed, encrypted, sent offsite and stored at a location distant from your computers and your business. This is where most small businesses make strategic errors. Onsite backups are useful in daily operations but are of no value if you are unable to physically recover your tapes or external disk drive(s) from the premises, or if they are missing or irreparably damaged by fire, flood, electrical damage (shorts, power failures or surges, lightning), a disgruntled employee damage or theft. Leaving backups in the same office or building as your computer only ensures that your backup data will likely suffer the same fate as your primary data. In fact, leaving them anywhere – your home, your car, even small storage facilities –secures your data only to the extent those locations are secure and environmentally safe.

Of course, you can see that this would be a problem in case of a fire, a flood, a theft, malicious damage or some accidents. But it’s equally a problem in emergencies where businesses are forced to evacuate their offices quickly for any other reasons. Even businesses that do backups and have good, undamaged tapes have to shut down sometimes. Some go out of business simply because they don’t have access to their data.

Oak Tree Storage solves all these problems by automatically storing this valuable data at a highly secure and environmentally controlled site away from your business. So you can be back up and running with new computers and your latest data no matter what happens.

Oak Tree Storage Online Backup Software encrypts your backups using your choice of three of the strongest cryptographic methods in the world for complete security. Noone, not even Oak Tree or a government agency, can read your files, databases or any other data you back up. You maintain total control of your Encryption Key; it is the ONLY way to access your data. There is no “back door”, “side door”, or other coding or decryption trick or method to read your data or “break the code”.

Your backup data is maintained in a state-of-the-art, highly secure and redundant environment, ensuring the availability of your data when you need it, whether it’s a single file, a complete database or an entire disk drive of your data – whatever you’ve chosen to secure with Oak Tree. (See the section on Data Security elsewhere on our website.)