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Try Oak Tree’s Online Backup now – FOR FREE – for 30 days! Go to the Registration Page and open your Starter/Trial Account now. You can cancel at anytime during the Trial Period at no charge. If you’ve previously used the Trial, you can re-activate your account at anytime to purchase the service – just give us a call.

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  1. Complete the Registration Page and Application.
  2. Download and run the setup software.
  3. Configure your backup targets, types and schedules.
  4. Set it and leave it!

You’ll receive an initial confirmation email today. You’ll also start receiving notification emails informing you of the status of each backup which includes a listing all files backed up and their date/time stamps, the times it started and stopped, your usage statistics, your user settings, and a log of all the events that occurred during the backup, with explanations of all entries.

Of course, you can subscribe directly to the service if you’ve read the materials on our website and are convinced of the benefits, ease and security of Oak Tree’s Online Backup Software solutions.

Email our Technical Support team at sales@oaktreestorage.com Or call during Regular Business Hours at 212-983-5050.

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Register now! Download the software, set it up, and watch it work for you for 30 days. There’s no cost, no obligation, no commitment. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the value of this virtually automatic service.


Remote Support

Oak Trees Remote Support tool allows our support team to dial in and troubleshoot backup issues on your system.

This is a support tool that allows Oak Tree to connect to the customer’s computer to set up the backup and troubleshoot backup issues. Remote support is for paying customers only and can be installed by downloading the software.

Disaster Recovery – BETA!

Oak Tree’s unique Disaster Recovery feature allows you to work through your disaster. Instead of waiting for a replacement server or new parts to get your server up and running, you can restore your data onto one of our Disaster Recovery servers and run you office until your onsite server is replaced.


“As an MSP for over a decade in the Tristate area, we’ve come to love and trust only Oak Tree Storage above and beyond all other backup solutions. The countless times they’ve saved us from potentially disastrous situations with our clients, coupled with their dedication and unparalleled support (yes, we can always speak to a real-live tech!) has made Oak Tree the one and only backup solution we recommend to our clients.”
- Eran Jacobs, Softfusion Inc. Brooklyn, NY

“I wanted to thank you again for your quick response to our server crash. We had the perfect storm in our office. There was an equipment malfunction which caused a flood which got sucked into our server. The server and backup tape drive were fried. We had been with you for less than a month but you had captured all the data we needed. You downloaded all the data to my IT service people that night and we were back up the next day. You never know if your insurance is any good until you need it. Let me say you are as advertised. Thanks for all your help in the disaster recovery.”
- Neil L Ringler DDS, Barnstable, MA

“We lost a set of a patient’s time-point image files, and were able to restore and use them almost as a matter of course while my patient waited only a few minutes! It was quick, it was easy, and it worked!”
- Dr. B Shen, DMD, San Francisco, CA

“I am delighted to report that my entire InBox has been restored. I love you guys!!!”
- W. Ronald Redmond, DDS, MS, FACD; 12/30/06

“Recently I lost imaging data on one of my patients and immediately called OakTree for help. In a matter of hours those imaging files were restored. Needless to say I am quite confident that ALL my data is safe and can be restored should some sort of computer data catastrophe occur. I highly recommend OakTree with no reservations whatsoever.”
- Joel F. Brodsky DDS, MS

“You never think it can happen to you, but when our server crashed, I realized just how vital our remote back up was and that using OakTree Storage was one of the best decisions I have made for the practice. After explaining the situation to Oak Tree, my data was restored on a remote server in 2 hours. Without Oak Tree, my office would have been down for 2 days. With Oak Tree, we were down for 2 hours.”
- Sam W. Levine DDS, MS

About Us

Oak Tree Storage, is focused on providing highly secure and high-quality technology services to businesses. We utilize state-of-the-art secure technologies to easily backup our clients’ critical business data to a highly secure offsite facility. When necessary we provide rapid and accurate data restoration whenever – and wherever – needed, as well as temporary remote server functions in certain instances.