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Try Oak Tree’s Online Backup now – FOR FREE – for 30 days! Go to the Registration Page and open your Starter/Trial Account now. You can cancel at anytime during the Trial Period at no charge. If you’ve previously used the Trial, you can re-activate your account at anytime to purchase the service – just give us a call.

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1. Complete the Registration Page and Application.
2. Download and run the setup software.
3. Configure your backup targets, types and schedules.
4. Set it and leave it!

You’ll receive an initial confirmation email today. You’ll also start receiving notification emails informing you of the status of each backup which includes a listing all files backed up and their date/time stamps, the times it started and stopped, your usage statistics, your user settings, and a log of all the events that occurred during the backup, with explanations of all entries.

Of course, you can subscribe directly to the service if you’ve read the materials on our website and are convinced of the benefits, ease and security of Oak Tree’s Online Backup Software solutions.

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Or call during Regular Business Hours at 212-983-5050.

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Register now! Download the software, set it up, and watch it work for you for 30 days. There’s no cost, no obligation, no commitment. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the value of this virtually automatic service.